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Dear Heart Centered Woman Entrepreneur,

Have you been working hard to grow your business over the last few months or even over the last year? And yet, things just aren’t happening as fast as you’d like. If you’re in this state of overwhelm and just not sure of your next step to dramatically increase your business and your income, then I’d love to help you create a MAJOR SHIFT with a complimentary Abundant Money Breakthrough Session.


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I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a very special, FREE “Abundant Money Breakthrough session” with me. In this Breakthrough Session I’ll personally walk you through:

  • Discovering what is unconsciously sabotaging you from breaking through to your next income level in your business.
  • Creating a crystal clear plan that describes in detail the steps you need to take to transform your business into more clients, more money and more freedom.
  • Mapping out one simple step you can take immediately to get into action.

I’m limited to how many individuals I can fit into my calendar. So the sooner you apply for one of these sessions using the secure online form below, the better your chance of winning one of these exclusive spots. If I can’t schedule you immediately, I’ll be happy to put you on a waiting list for future opportunities.

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Here’s What Clients Have to Share…

  • It is possible for me to earn the money I have dreamed of ! After working with Zahra, for the first time I can see that it is possible for me to earn the money I have dreamed of while being true to myself. I am an independent massage therapist who has been surviving by making ends meet. After going through Money Breakthrough Method with Zahra, I made the biggest sale in my business. I sold a massage package for $980 to a regular client. That is more than double the price I have been selling before working with Zahra. During the first month of us working together, I reached my income goal of $5,000. If you are ready to change your life and your business, then do not even hesitate taking the money breakthrough method training. Zahra is honestly helping me be the best I can be. I have had dreams of being a successful entrepreneur/consultant and with each session I have with her, I not only feel myself getting closer but, I also see concrete results of my dreams come into fruition. It is almost like she rewired my internal beliefs that prevented me from success. It definitely rocked me to my core but that is where the process begins. I could have never taken these steps or had the courage to take action without Zahra’s encouragement. It is wonderful to have her true wisdom and her comforting presence to guide me along the way. Now I am looking forward to continuing in my abundant journey with her.

    Denise De Shelter
    Denise De Shelter Certified Massage Therapist, San Francisco, CA,
  • Zahra was the turning point to my exponential growth. One of the biggest challenges I had before my retreat with Zahra was working very hard and continuously feeling like I could not get ahead. Since our V.I.P Retreat things began to turn around for me immediately. More people are coming to me and paying me my asking prices instead of asking for discounts as they did prior to my work with Zahra. I feel like I am having a much more equal exchange of energy, my services for their money, and we are all happy about it!. Last week I decided I wanted to have 12 people sign up for one of my raw vegan cuisine classes and today that 12th person signed up! I still have over 3 weeks to continue to fill the class to abundant capacity!! Not to mention I just found out last Friday that I won a recipe contest and won a 3 day 2 night get away in Napa Valley. I’ve signed up for Zahra’s 4 months Platinum Program as well, and the money has already been showing up as if by making the commitment the Universe has opened up the doors of abundant flow to me.The exercises and guidance Zahra gives in her Abundant Money Retreat helped me discover aspects of my life I would not have even thought about exploring. I didn’t even realize they had anything to do with why I was struggling to build my business.The value of working with Zahra has been enormous so far. At this point, I cannot even perceive how valuable it has actually been as of yet. I can imagine that working with Zahra is the turning point to my exponential growth not only for my business but also for my growth on a personal level.

    Andrea Lambert
    Andrea Lambert Raw Vegan Cuisine, Therapeutic Massage Phoenix, Arizon,
  • Tangible steps to pursue my dreams and make these dreams come true.
    I wanted to build my dream business, but didn't know where to start or how to go about doing this on my own. That's why it was such a blessing that I met Zahra Efan. I hired her to be my coach and guide right away. During our Money Breakthrough Method, we worked on topics such as savings and spending habits, raising my income "set point", and other finance-related matters. We also looked at more personal and deeper issues that I learned were blocking my ability to push forward, one of the biggest being the idea of forgiveness- of myself and of others.After participating in the forgiveness exercises during the Money VIP Day with Zahra, I was able to release past wounds that were keeping me from stepping into my power. With the help of Zahra's insights, I learned that I needed to uncover old beliefs and identities that I constructed when I was growing up, beliefs about who I am and my value in the world. I had been showing up in a way that was incongruent with my true nature, and as a result, the potential for being on purpose and creating wealth was blocked.Zahra recognized how my working through these issues would free me to move ahead towards my goals. She was also able to provide me with clear and tangible steps to pursue my dreams and make these dreams come true. As a result of Zahra's coaching, I surpassed my income goal for the month which gave me the confidence to increase my income goal for next month. And now, I know that I am well on my way to achieving my BOLD income goal for the coming year.I highly recommend coaching with Zahra. She allows you to learn who you really are, and gives you permission to use your whole self- heart and soul- in your work. When working with Zahra, you will see that the changes that come about in your life are not just about improvements financially. With this will also come an emotional and spiritual abundance as well. Zahra doesn't just teach you how to make more money, she teaches you how to achieve an all-encompassing sense of success. Working with Zahra proved to be a life altering investment that was worth every penny and more!

     Rosalyn Cua
    Rosalyn Cua Intuitive Healer
  • I've learned so much about abundance.I've learned so much about abundance from your course, Zahra! Your guidance is a wonderful blend of being inspiring, provocative and vulnerable all at the same time. I have learned some new habits, gotten new perspectives in my thinking about myself, and brought new energy to my relationship with abundance. You are such a gracious, gentle and supportive teacher, and a wonderful example that the rest of us can follow in our own journey towards true abundance!"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" -- and your message resonated with me so much that you must be the teacher I am ready for...I'm sure of it!

    Terri Zwierzynski
    Terri Zwierzynski CEO of solo-E Cary, North Carolina,

In order to take advantage of this very special and limited-time offer, simply fill out the form just below and click the SUBMIT button. Together we’ll explore the amazing results that are very real and very possible for you and your business. Just please know that I only have 5 spots available in my calendar right now, so make sure to submit your request today!

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Zahra Efan
Abudant Business Coach & Money Breakthrough Specialist
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